With Tips to Make Up For it Makes You Younger

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Makeup 2 - With Tips to Make Up For it Makes You Younger

Young girls and women want to be older and older thanks to makeup. Once women have turned 30 and 40, they usually want the opposite: a fresh and rejuvenated look. Fortunately, good make-up products and makeup tips can look like cheap and fast renovations. And that’s not what Hollywood makeup artists need: we’ve collected makeup tips that will make you cheat a few years less.

More or less: not too much makeup

First of all, the best makeup products are of no help if they are not selected and dosed correctly. Although it’s a fact that the face shows more spots and wrinkles in old age – but that does not mean that you really have to stick it. Especially with the primer, some women exaggerate and leave barely a piece of skin shine. The result: a rigid and unnatural overall image that does not leave the complexion of the skin and makes us look older.

Always in terms of color, always go back to the error. While blue eyeliner, pink mascara and dark lips may seem more modern for younger women, the color of the mouth, eyes and some colleagues. Do not always appear in the best light in adulthood. However, the color of the right lip and the slightest shine to accentuate the eyes are allowed at the right dose for fresh kicks. More on this later.

Makeup rule number one: first moisture

Stop! Before unpacking the makeup of the equipment now, you certainly need to know the most important rules when applying makeup over 40: apply a moisturizer before any other measurement. If you do, your skin will eliminate the use of moisture and the dry spots applied and the small wrinkles will be accentuated even more.

The skin is hydrated and gives a bright young skin – so you must also make sure that makeup products are used, they contribute. In other words, use a makeup product based on cream, liquid, powder or gel and leave it on the shelf weight tendency to settle in the fold.

The good primer: corrector

The key to rejuvenating makeup is the foundation, which provides warm, healthy skin. Remember: more or less. To cover age spots, redness or dark circles under the eyes, concealer – liquid in normal and dry skin, with a concealer mousse matting effect on oily skin – should be used first. This primer illuminates the dark area and ensures a more even skin distribution.

The corrector (liquid) is best applied with a sponge, a little wet on the face and then rub with your fingers evenly. Using this method, the foundation is diluted with water, the excess amount is absorbed by the sponge. The result: a uniform skin, naturally fresh. For 40-year-old women and a slightly yellowish tone suitable for primary, because the warm tones make the skin look younger. The brilliant gold color helps fight pale, pale skin and reddish rash, while maintaining a healthy, rejuvenated look.

The foundation for the Foundation: Primary

Primer is one of the true miracle products between rejuvenating makeup items. This is actually the type of primer that was originally introduced as a smoothing product. A virtually colorless, lightweight finish fills wrinkles, fine lines, large pores and smoothing film on the skin. In addition, they hide redness, age spots and other pigment disorders. Thus, you make sure that the skin is natural, even and that it is the ideal base for more makeup products.

Eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids: eye problem area

Bring an eyebrow shape to a younger look first – the same as you get older, your hair can be thinned, grow in dense growth or become gray. In bright areas, the eyebrow pencil can help, which is applied by small strokes towards growth. Make sure that the color of a tone lighter than the natural hair and the shape of the eyebrows are not “painted” – black band on the eyes unattractive.

Those who want to fly over thick eyebrows should approach the problem with caution: the bow is too thin or indefinite so that the eyes and eyelids are soft. We recommend that you consult a beauty professional. If you want to take your own pliers and scissors, just take the hair out of the bow and cut off the eyebrows that stand out.

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