Tips For Making a Small Garden in Your Home

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gambar 1 - Tips For Making a Small Garden in Your Home

Gardening also works in the smallest space. With a little creativity and planning, this trend can also be followed by urban hobby gardeners. Each small green area can be used and planted efficiently. Plant selection is not exclusively limited to small ornamental plants. With the right application, you can also harvest soft fruits, fruits, lettuce and vegetables in your local designation garden. Or create your own health oasis, where you can relax with your family.

Right planning

The smaller the park, the greater the challenge of getting the best from the available space. The term “designation” is a variable and including next to the famous allotment gardens and small green areas in front of the house or next to the terrace. To succeed in gardening in a narrow area requires a lot of planning and work. If, for example, the floor area is insufficient, simply plant vertically. If you make a small garden, you must first think about the nature of the park itself. Ornamental plants, for example, require different types of care from berry bushes and eternal trellises. A minimal garden version can also be used for self-sufficiency. At first, don’t pretend too much. Without a plan it is also very difficult to implement everything optimally without losing a lot of space.

One of the most important criteria – even for small gardens: Plants must be easily accessible, work and care should not end with a bent spine or a bent limb. Plan ways in which you can comfortably cross the allotment even in bad weather. With a gravel bed, for example, you can reach plants with dry feet, but the material itself requires only a little space. But also grass bars and smaller paving stones have proven themselves for this task. Because it is impossible to avoid heavy use of grass in a narrow space, you must use varieties that are strong and easy to care for – such as exercise and playing grass.

Tips: Wood can only be placed on the terrace. Because the material becomes very slippery in winter and in the rain, accidents are almost inevitable.

The topic “water supply” must also be taken into account in the planning and implementation of the park. Especially in remote areas, regular watering can be a problem. Collect rainwater or combine a small pool directly into your garden.

Use of efficient space for ornamental gardens

“If you build tall, you will reap a lot” – that’s about the slogan of a small garden hobby enthusiast gardener. Lovers of exotic flowers can also replace the word “harvest” with “pleasure”. Because the possibility of applying rations is versatile. If you want to make a resting place for yourself and your family, you have to focus on clear and sharp lines.

Lots of plants and decorative elements that confuse the eye and require high level of care and maintenance. For each eye catcher, such as the ivy-clad stone pillar, tall rose bush or a group of high ornamental grasses. Trellises, like arches of roses, ensure that the vines grow up decorative. At the same time you can use such a frame as a stable basket suspension. Even if the ornamental garden must still look naked and boring in the first year, don’t be tempted to buy or plant too many plants.

Through optical effects, you can make the rations look bigger. Tall plants should not be placed in the middle of the garden. Create a remote corner with such plants or use skillfully as a privacy screen. Small walls and stairs provide a wide viewing angle. At the same time, this gives you the opportunity to cultivate your multi-storey garden. Or wear a rather sloping stone garden. If your space and time allows, you can even integrate small streams or ponds there. Even a few, who suddenly disappeared in the middle of the hedgerow, gave the impression of a long-running garden.


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