7 Expert Tips in Cosmetics that You Can Try

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Makeup 1 - 7 Expert Tips in Cosmetics that You Can Try

What makeup is in each bride’s bag and why should a woman do it without a glittering powder that day? A cosmetic expert reveals the best advice and explains why the bride should seek advice months before the wedding.

Skin blemishes, sparkling brows and abrasions are terrible ideas for every bride. After all, you want to be very beautiful at your wedding. With tips and tricks that have managed to explain the best beauty products of Isabelle Schulz Lilia in Herrenberg near Stuttgart.

1. Tips for bridal makeup: as soon as possible for beauticians

If the bride wears beautiful and natural makeup, there is usually intensive preparation behind her. Because with a short visit to a beautician, it is often not done. “We advise future brides to come to see us as soon as possible and we also want to have a year in advance to get an idea of ?? the skin and fight against the stains at the right time,” said beautician Isabelle Schulz. Only with perfect skin is the makeup perfect As an expert in cosmetics, the young woman knows that it is usually not enough to stop a week before. Perfect makeup is only possible on pure skin, which is also prepared for him.

2. For bridal makeup: makeup with waterproof make-up

The wedding is a very moving day where the bride gives a small tear of joy. For all the makeup not to be applied after this, some tips must be stored. Schulz recommends the application of a primer as a base for eye shadows and the use of waterproof mascara. As a special advice, he recommends that the eyes fall asleep properly, so that the eye shadows can be better distributed and mixed.

3. Bridal makeup tips: Use light eye shadows

When choosing the eye shadow color, pay particular attention to whether the bride is wearing glasses. The eyeglass wearer must reach a dark tone, so that the eye leaves optically. For brides without glasses, the tone of light is the best. This gives a brilliant view. Schulz recommends the following steps: A bright tone should be applied in the inner corner of the eye and under the corner of the eye – this opens eyes visually. Then, use a second glossy tone directly from the lash line on the cover and the veneer that can be moved toward the eyelid crease. Then apply the second darkest clay from the palette to the folds of the eyelids with a sharp brush and plating.

4. For bridal makeup: romantic brides must bet on pastel shades

The pastel look is perfect for romantic brides, said Schulz. And that’s how romantic makeup works best: the eyes are only slightly accentuated and eyebrows are the focus of attention. Eyeshadow with fine apricot is also perfect, with pink lipstick applied to the lips.

5. For bridal makeup: eyebrows accentuate

The eyebrows express the face and must be tightened after the eyeshadow. If the bride wants to make sure the eyebrows stay in shape all day, they can contact their beauty. “We can dye our eyebrows two or three days before the wedding, and then it lasts all day,” said Schulz.

6. Bridal makeup tips: Use a kiss of lipstick

Who wants to kiss his lover happy at a wedding must make his lips true. As a base, the lipstick that nourishes is the best. Then apply the lipstick fixative. In addition, you must pay attention to the selection of colors to ensure that the selected color is chosen, which also works without contour pen. The bride can therefore refresh her lips with a little effort.

7. Bridal makeup tips: This is included in the bridal bag

Especially the two bridal products must always be the day of their wedding: lipstick and powder. “Women usually buy the lipstick that we use for their makeup, which is definitely in a purse, and when we eat and drink, it’s normal for the colors to disappear at some point,” said one beautician. On top of that, the bride must have some powder with her, so she can take off for a while. This is very useful when the bride is sweating a lot. As a general rule, the eyes should not be reapplied to the bride when she uses waterproof make-up, says Schulz.


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