Makeup 2 - With Tips to Make Up For it Makes You Younger

Young girls and women want to be older and older thanks to makeup. Once women have turned 30 and 40, they usually want the opposite: a fresh and rejuvenated look. Fortunately, good make-up products and makeup tips can look like cheap and fast renovations. And that’s not what Hollywood makeup artists need: we’ve collected makeup tips that will make you cheat a few years less.

More or less: not too much makeup

First of all, the best makeup products are of no help if they are not selected and dosed correctly. Although it’s a fact that the face shows more spots and wrinkles in old age – but that does not mean that you really have to stick it. Especially with the primer, some women exaggerate and leave barely a piece of skin shine. The result: a rigid and unnatural overall image that does not leave the complexion of the skin and makes us look older.

Always in terms of color, always go back to the error. While blue eyeliner, pink mascara and dark lips may seem more modern for younger women, the color of the mouth, eyes and some colleagues. Do not always appear in the best light in adulthood. However, the color of the right lip and the slightest shine to accentuate the eyes are allowed at the right dose for fresh kicks. More on this later.

Makeup rule number one: first moisture

Stop! Before unpacking the makeup of the equipment now, you certainly need to know the most important rules when applying makeup over 40: apply a moisturizer before any other measurement. If you do, your skin will eliminate the use of moisture and the dry spots applied and the small wrinkles will be accentuated even more.

The skin is hydrated and gives a bright young skin – so you must also make sure that makeup products are used, they contribute. In other words, use a makeup product based on cream, liquid, powder or gel and leave it on the shelf weight tendency to settle in the fold.

The good primer: corrector

The key to rejuvenating makeup is the foundation, which provides warm, healthy skin. Remember: more or less. To cover age spots, redness or dark circles under the eyes, concealer – liquid in normal and dry skin, with a concealer mousse matting effect on oily skin – should be used first. This primer illuminates the dark area and ensures a more even skin distribution.

The corrector (liquid) is best applied with a sponge, a little wet on the face and then rub with your fingers evenly. Using this method, the foundation is diluted with water, the excess amount is absorbed by the sponge. The result: a uniform skin, naturally fresh. For 40-year-old women and a slightly yellowish tone suitable for primary, because the warm tones make the skin look younger. The brilliant gold color helps fight pale, pale skin and reddish rash, while maintaining a healthy, rejuvenated look.

The foundation for the Foundation: Primary

Primer is one of the true miracle products between rejuvenating makeup items. This is actually the type of primer that was originally introduced as a smoothing product. A virtually colorless, lightweight finish fills wrinkles, fine lines, large pores and smoothing film on the skin. In addition, they hide redness, age spots and other pigment disorders. Thus, you make sure that the skin is natural, even and that it is the ideal base for more makeup products.

Eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids: eye problem area

Bring an eyebrow shape to a younger look first – the same as you get older, your hair can be thinned, grow in dense growth or become gray. In bright areas, the eyebrow pencil can help, which is applied by small strokes towards growth. Make sure that the color of a tone lighter than the natural hair and the shape of the eyebrows are not “painted” – black band on the eyes unattractive.

Those who want to fly over thick eyebrows should approach the problem with caution: the bow is too thin or indefinite so that the eyes and eyelids are soft. We recommend that you consult a beauty professional. If you want to take your own pliers and scissors, just take the hair out of the bow and cut off the eyebrows that stand out.

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Makeup 1 - 7 Expert Tips in Cosmetics that You Can Try

What makeup is in each bride’s bag and why should a woman do it without a glittering powder that day? A cosmetic expert reveals the best advice and explains why the bride should seek advice months before the wedding.

Skin blemishes, sparkling brows and abrasions are terrible ideas for every bride. After all, you want to be very beautiful at your wedding. With tips and tricks that have managed to explain the best beauty products of Isabelle Schulz Lilia in Herrenberg near Stuttgart.

1. Tips for bridal makeup: as soon as possible for beauticians

If the bride wears beautiful and natural makeup, there is usually intensive preparation behind her. Because with a short visit to a beautician, it is often not done. “We advise future brides to come to see us as soon as possible and we also want to have a year in advance to get an idea of ?? the skin and fight against the stains at the right time,” said beautician Isabelle Schulz. Only with perfect skin is the makeup perfect As an expert in cosmetics, the young woman knows that it is usually not enough to stop a week before. Perfect makeup is only possible on pure skin, which is also prepared for him.

2. For bridal makeup: makeup with waterproof make-up

The wedding is a very moving day where the bride gives a small tear of joy. For all the makeup not to be applied after this, some tips must be stored. Schulz recommends the application of a primer as a base for eye shadows and the use of waterproof mascara. As a special advice, he recommends that the eyes fall asleep properly, so that the eye shadows can be better distributed and mixed.

3. Bridal makeup tips: Use light eye shadows

When choosing the eye shadow color, pay particular attention to whether the bride is wearing glasses. The eyeglass wearer must reach a dark tone, so that the eye leaves optically. For brides without glasses, the tone of light is the best. This gives a brilliant view. Schulz recommends the following steps: A bright tone should be applied in the inner corner of the eye and under the corner of the eye – this opens eyes visually. Then, use a second glossy tone directly from the lash line on the cover and the veneer that can be moved toward the eyelid crease. Then apply the second darkest clay from the palette to the folds of the eyelids with a sharp brush and plating.

4. For bridal makeup: romantic brides must bet on pastel shades

The pastel look is perfect for romantic brides, said Schulz. And that’s how romantic makeup works best: the eyes are only slightly accentuated and eyebrows are the focus of attention. Eyeshadow with fine apricot is also perfect, with pink lipstick applied to the lips.

5. For bridal makeup: eyebrows accentuate

The eyebrows express the face and must be tightened after the eyeshadow. If the bride wants to make sure the eyebrows stay in shape all day, they can contact their beauty. “We can dye our eyebrows two or three days before the wedding, and then it lasts all day,” said Schulz.

6. Bridal makeup tips: Use a kiss of lipstick

Who wants to kiss his lover happy at a wedding must make his lips true. As a base, the lipstick that nourishes is the best. Then apply the lipstick fixative. In addition, you must pay attention to the selection of colors to ensure that the selected color is chosen, which also works without contour pen. The bride can therefore refresh her lips with a little effort.

7. Bridal makeup tips: This is included in the bridal bag

Especially the two bridal products must always be the day of their wedding: lipstick and powder. “Women usually buy the lipstick that we use for their makeup, which is definitely in a purse, and when we eat and drink, it’s normal for the colors to disappear at some point,” said one beautician. On top of that, the bride must have some powder with her, so she can take off for a while. This is very useful when the bride is sweating a lot. As a general rule, the eyes should not be reapplied to the bride when she uses waterproof make-up, says Schulz.


Wedding 1 - Tips to Save a Lot of Money on Your Wedding

Marriage can be very expensive. For those who want to spend some money, here are the best tips for getting married at a low price.

You have just rescheduled your wedding fees and realized with horror that you must cut costs as quickly as possible, otherwise the wallet will cry.

A little economy is not so bad. You are sure to come up with new ideas that will ultimately make the big day more original and personal. Learn now how you can smartly save on the most important problems without being noticed! All you have to do is answer a very important question:

Cheap wedding: that’s how you save food

Finally, the price of a wedding meal depends on the day and time you get married. For a week, restaurants and food can throw.

Another tip: if you give the word yes until 17, you keep your lunch and your coffee.

Cheap wedding: how to store wedding cakes

Wedding cake with another floor and a pair of legendary bridal doll or a wedding cake in the shape of heart with a dove on it: It reminds us somehow of our parents wedding photos … It is still expensive!

Economical version: prepare your own wedding cake
After a luxurious wedding dinner, there were almost no hungry guests. Wedding cakes are eagerly awaited because they belong to an entertainment program. Homemade cakes are enough for everyone – and you save a lot of money!

If you do not want to cook yourself, you can order different muffins (or cream puffs) with white icing from your favorite baker. The cookies can be taken in different hands with the black cherry pie.

Without wedding cakes
Offering sweets – as many colorful snacks as pies or sweets – guests can bite anything.

Our tip: Fresh fruit sticks always arrive well – in summer of course more – and can be prepared properly. Serve with large portions of whipped cream.

Cheap wedding: How to save floral decoration

The flowers are also part of the wedding. But large flower arrangements require a lot of money and, in the worst case, they prevent guests from seeing each other on the table.

Wedding decor: floral arrangements for a little money!
Interest used:
This is not a joke! Ask for the location or classifieds for weddings the day before and suggest another bride and groom to share the cost of interest.

DIY flowers:
Get orchids or Amarylis per table at any hardware store the day before, as well as beautiful planter in a color matching table. Hardware fee of about 3 euros per piece: the price is so cheap! Give flowers as gifts to your close relatives or friends after the wedding. Grandma will be happy!

Nature Bouquet:
Put a large transparent vase on the table and use whatever nature offers depends on the season: ears of wheat in summer, cherry blossom in spring twig, branches with autumn leaves … Caution: twigs must be below the eye level (maximum length of the stem 30 cm). Unsure alternative: fill the lemon and lime into a vase and place a single yellow rose per vase.

Floating rose petals
Fill a glass bottle with water and add a floating candle and rose petals. Romantic romantic aquarium, which is certainly more original than a typical table setting.

No interest:
Churches and wedding cars can also be decorated with bows. In the center of the table are large white candles or small round candles of different colors.

Cheap wedding: that’s how you save music

The choir at the wedding or live at the party was great, but also very expensive. Save money with these tips:

Who can sing well in the family?
There must be someone in your family or circle of friends who has a divine voice and is ready to sing for you (or play the guitar) in the church. Thanks for that with a bouquet of flowers. If not, ask the pastor, when there is a church service with a choir (children’s choir was excellent!) And is involved in this appointment!

In search of young talents:
If you enjoy live music, check your local music school (or music school) for young musical talent. A guitarist, saxophonist or pianist brings a sense of humor and does not cost much if only engaged on time. After the main course is the best


Wedding 3 - 10 Tips to Get a Wedding to Know

Whether it’s a white dream wedding or a quiet party. Many dependent couples, planning the most beautiful day of their lives, alliance for good mood does not end and in chaos on the wedding day.

1. When planning your wedding, think about the guests

The cardinal mistake of many, the wedding supporters is that they do not provide for, when a wedding for themselves, but for the guests. It is important to put your accessories desires and your plans foreground. In any case, it’s your own wedding. Many couples do not think more about themselves, but not doing, you will be disappointed after bad.

2. Keep an eccentric and civil wedding in one day

Wedding churches, receptions, registrars, photos, receptions – there is no trace of joy and relaxation. It does not have to be a wedding day, “you have to try to separate civil marriage and church marriage.”

3. Wear nice weather for the wedding day

Couples should also remember that it may rain during summer weddings. It is important that there are alternatives, and you need to be closer that the decorations can be reorganized and the musicians can play outside and inside.

4. Rub the fees for the wedding

Anyone planning their own wedding must keep an eye on their expenses. It is best to register on a desk or planning book. Even expensive wedding dresses should not be considered additional items. Even expensive wedding dresses should not be considered additional items. Projects co-opted import payments for all newlyweds, associated with a higher budget for weddings, allied with the rest of the term by a nasty surprise. And for the wedding, the budget applies: Do not count on the cash prizes of the day of the wedding. You can not plan what you have.

5. Offer a buffet to over 30 wedding guests

On some customers, the buffet is not a good solution. Then it’s a move to the party and almost nothing to eat regarding the prices, obviously the wedding planificat. Of the 30 guests, you must serve better food.

6. Take over the organization on the day of the wedding

On wedding day, you must give the organization and work as a contact person for the groups and the restaurant, a province that serves wedding games, no control. Brides do not fit the time it takes for them, they have to lean back and enjoy the party, as the wedding organization says. A contact person may be a male companion.

7. Record music for a wedding

Whether singers at the church, organs, orchestras or DJs with music are standing and falling throughout the event. That’s why you have to spend extra penny quests for good musicians, wedding planning tips

8. walk in the distance for a wedding

This is not exactly Tegernsee or Chiemsee. Also in Augsburg and around Augsburg, there is a great place to celebrate weddings.

9. Make wedding guests an expensive object

There is no need to blow up the wedding budget for gifts. You have never met the tastes of 80 people. Five traditional almonds in an organza bag. Sweet almonds for happiness, health, prosperity, children and a long, it is not the greatest responsiveness of one euro per person.

10. Always buy drinks for a wedding in a restaurant

Some restaurants offer corks. For this, couples or couples can bring their own drinks. You can be revoked of meaning for his party.

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