10 Tips to Get a Wedding to Know

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Wedding 3 - 10 Tips to Get a Wedding to Know

Whether it’s a white dream wedding or a quiet party. Many dependent couples, planning the most beautiful day of their lives, alliance for good mood does not end and in chaos on the wedding day.

1. When planning your wedding, think about the guests

The cardinal mistake of many, the wedding supporters is that they do not provide for, when a wedding for themselves, but for the guests. It is important to put your accessories desires and your plans foreground. In any case, it’s your own wedding. Many couples do not think more about themselves, but not doing, you will be disappointed after bad.

2. Keep an eccentric and civil wedding in one day

Wedding churches, receptions, registrars, photos, receptions – there is no trace of joy and relaxation. It does not have to be a wedding day, “you have to try to separate civil marriage and church marriage.”

3. Wear nice weather for the wedding day

Couples should also remember that it may rain during summer weddings. It is important that there are alternatives, and you need to be closer that the decorations can be reorganized and the musicians can play outside and inside.

4. Rub the fees for the wedding

Anyone planning their own wedding must keep an eye on their expenses. It is best to register on a desk or planning book. Even expensive wedding dresses should not be considered additional items. Even expensive wedding dresses should not be considered additional items. Projects co-opted import payments for all newlyweds, associated with a higher budget for weddings, allied with the rest of the term by a nasty surprise. And for the wedding, the budget applies: Do not count on the cash prizes of the day of the wedding. You can not plan what you have.

5. Offer a buffet to over 30 wedding guests

On some customers, the buffet is not a good solution. Then it’s a move to the party and almost nothing to eat regarding the prices, obviously the wedding planificat. Of the 30 guests, you must serve better food.

6. Take over the organization on the day of the wedding

On wedding day, you must give the organization and work as a contact person for the groups and the restaurant, a province that serves wedding games, no control. Brides do not fit the time it takes for them, they have to lean back and enjoy the party, as the wedding organization says. A contact person may be a male companion.

7. Record music for a wedding

Whether singers at the church, organs, orchestras or DJs with music are standing and falling throughout the event. That’s why you have to spend extra penny quests for good musicians, wedding planning tips

8. walk in the distance for a wedding

This is not exactly Tegernsee or Chiemsee. Also in Augsburg and around Augsburg, there is a great place to celebrate weddings.

9. Make wedding guests an expensive object

There is no need to blow up the wedding budget for gifts. You have never met the tastes of 80 people. Five traditional almonds in an organza bag. Sweet almonds for happiness, health, prosperity, children and a long, it is not the greatest responsiveness of one euro per person.

10. Always buy drinks for a wedding in a restaurant

Some restaurants offer corks. For this, couples or couples can bring their own drinks. You can be revoked of meaning for his party.

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